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Voices of the Plain Volume 3

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Vox Bulgarica Music Publishers is proud to offer the three volumes of our musical anthology Voices of the Plain in electronic format for easy download. Among our first publications in print format, Vox Bulgarica presents a cross-section of the finest Bulgarian choral music: from the folk to the liturgical to the avant-garde, and have been designed to introduce western choral ensembles to sample the very best of Bulgaria’s musical heritage.

Volume 3 comprises 140 pages with songs organized in three categories: Sacred Songs, plainchant settings (new!), Liturgical settings, and Contemporary works. These have been packaged in a deluxe volume along with a pronunciation guide and composer biographies. All songs included in this volume are avilable as individual downloads for choral performance.

A. Sacred Songs
1. Bulgarian Chants - Lesser Songs
2. Bulgarian Chants - Dostoyno Est
3. Bulgarian Chants - Megalynarion for the Annunciation
4. Bulgarian Chants - Entrance Chant for Palm Sunday
5. Bulgarian Chants - Megalynarion for Lazarus Saturday
6. Bulgarian Chants - Entrance for Pascha

B. Liturgical Settings
7. Ivan Spassov - Molitva / Prayer
8. Velislav Zaimov - Khvalite Imaya Gospodne / Praise the Name of the Lord
9. Dimitar Tapov - Herumvimska / Cherubic Hymn
10. Dimitar Tapkov - Vo Imya Gospodne / In the Name of the Lord
11. Alexander Tekeliev - Khvalite Gospoda / Praise the Lord

C. Contemporary
12. Ivan Spassov - Dva Twpana Biyat / Two Tupans are Beating
13. Ivan Spassov - Dimano, Lyube Dimano / Dimano, My Love Dimano
14. Ivan Spassov - Zashto Ma, Maychu, Ni Dade / Why Did You Not Give My Hand Mother
15. Ivan Spassov - Da Ti Sa Padni, Maychu / That this Happened, Mother Dearest
16. Ivan Spassov - Yunache, Ludo i Mlado / Hey Youth, Silly and Young
17. Ivan Spassov - Triptych - 1 - Tiha Vecher / Quiet Evening
18. Ivan Spassov - Triptych - 2 - Beli Beli Sniag / White, White Snow
19. Ivan Spassov - Triptych - 3 - Swmna v swmnite gradini / Dawn came in the Sleepy Gardens
20. Lyubomir Denev - Silivia
21. Alexander Tekeliev - Unes / Reverie
22. Konstantin Iliev - Tihi Pesni / Quiet Songs - Znam Swrdechen Sviden Kwt & Svetlo Utro
23. Konstantin Iliev - Utrin v poleto / Morning in the Field
24. Konstantin Iliev - Sreshta v Mraka - Meeting at Dusk
25. Konstantin Iliev - Jetvarska Mladost - Harvesting Youth
26. Konstantin Iliev - Three Improvisations on Don Quixote

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