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Svatba SSA

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This is currently one of our most popular numbers. This bittersweet song captures the essence of a traditional Bulgarian folk wedding, offering a glimpse into the mindset of the groom and his anxiety as the bride and her festively adorned wedding party approaches.

Transliteration and Translation:

1. Zadade se, Stoiane le, (2)

tamna me magla goliama (2)

Zadade se, Stoiane le

Ne mi bilo (2), Stoiane le,

nai bilo tezhka mi svatba boliarska (2)

Pred svatbata, le (2)

khraneno konche varveshe, (2)


2. a na Konche, Stoiane le,

a na Konche, mlado mi bulche stoeshe

Na glava mu Stoiane le,

na glava mu cherven chumber se vetree.

3. Na chumbera, Stoiane le, (2)

tri treperushki treperiat. (2)


Kak treperiat, Stoiane le,

Kak treperiat, tri treperushki na glava twi treperi, Stoiane le,

twi treperi momku sartse za moma.


1. A great dark fog is gathering, Stoiane It wasn't, it wasn't a great dark fog, but it was very much a sad boyar wedding.

2. Ahead of the wedding a well-fed horse was leading, On the horse was a young maiden, On her head a red kerchief fluttered.

3. On the red kerchief three trinkets trembled, How they trembled on her head, was how Stoian's heart trembled for the maiden!.

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