Velislav Zaimov

Velislav ZaimovSofia, 1951

Velislav Zaimov is one of the most productive Bulgarian composers of the new generation. He has composed many works in diverse genres, including 9 symphonies, 8 instrumental concerti, 24 sonatas for different instruments, etc. Zaimov studied composition at the State Academy of Music in Sofia from 1972-1977 with Dimitar Tapkov and Alexander Tanev. He has been professor of theory at the Musical Academy in Plovdiv since 1977, and from 1989 he was appointed professor of score reading at the State Academy in Sofia. A recipient of several national and international awards, Zaimov was awarded a prize for Orthodox church music in Germany, 1995. His works have been performed throughout Western Europe: Italy, 1981, Holland, 1984, Germany (Stuttgart and Bayreuth ), 1986 and 1995. The work included in this collection is representative of a new style of Orthodox choral music, in which modern harmonies have been integrated into the traditional acapella framework.

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