Roussi Tarmakov

Roussi TarmakovMalko Tarnovo, 5 December, 1949

Roussi Draguiev Tarmakov first completed studies at the Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering (1967-1972), before entering the State Academy of Music. He studied composition with Zdravko Manolov and piano with Rujka Tcharakchieva, graduating in 1980. In 1985 he won a scholarship from the Gaudeamus Foundation in the Netherlands, and later he attended the Cite des Arts in Paris on a scholarship from Bulgaria's Ministry of Culture. In 1990 composer Georgi Tutev invited him to join the Society of New Music, on which he has served on its board of directors since 1993, and from the year 2000, he was acted as its director.

Tarmakov's compositional career was launched when he won the International Competition of Queen Marie Jose in Geneva, Switzerland, for his Folk Music for 7 Instruments, a work which established him as one of the leading composers of his generation.

Tarmakov is a polystylist who employs conventional material in original ways. Particularly remarkable is his technique of fusing folk elements in an improvisatory framework, yet the materials are layered in precise mathematical proportions.

Roussi Tarmakov is currently Executive Music Producer of the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, and serves on the executive board of Musica Nova, Sofia.

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