Philip Kutev

Philip KutevAytos, 1903 - 1982

The name of Philip Kutev is perhaps the most recognized worldwide. He was one of the most respected and important Bulgarian musical figures. He completed his musical education in 1929 under Dobri Khristov in composition and violin with Hans Koch. He began his musical life as a symphonic composer. In 1951 he organized the first Bulgarian State Ensemble for Folk Song and Dance and turned his attention to folk music. He led this ensemble for 32 years and wrote over 500 choral and chamber songs for it. It was those songs of the 1950s and '60s that established a new tradition of Bulgarian choral music. It expressed itself in a style of singing with very free and open voices which reflected the influence of a living folk heritage. Some of these songs, like Polegnala e Tudora, Dragana i Slavei, and others, are considered monuments to the tradition he established and are included in these volumes.

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