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100 Years Philip Koutev [2-disc]
Philip Koutev Ensemble / Philip Koutev / MP3 / 1:41:56

This inaugural two-volume set of the Philip Koutev Ensemble is the collection that started it all over a half-century ago. Never before had Western audiences heard such sounds: the perfect blending of acapella female voices, traditional modal harmonies richly combined with modern sounds, and complex asymmetrical rhythms. With this music, Bulgaria secured her place on the world stage.

A Love Story
Dragostin Folk National / Stefan Dragostinov / MP3
  A Mystery?… Is the Bulgarian folklore indeed a mystery? The effect of the golden voices of the Bulgarian polyphony is incredible. The music... More

Armenian Liturgy
Sofia Armenian Choir / MP3 / 61:38
Soloists Marie Krikorian, Karapet Benlian, Marie Basmadjian, Ivo Jelev, Alis Bovarian... More

At Daybreak
Philip Koutev School Choir, Katya Barulova / MP3 / 58:42

At Daybreak is the first major recording achievement by the Philip Koutev Children’s choir under its artistic director Katya Barulova. These expertly trained young singers are the next generation in the tradition established 50 years ago by Koutev himself. This recording shows us that the Koutev spirit is alive and well in the 21st century.

Authentic Bulgarian Folk Songs
Various Artists / MP3 / 70:50
Performers Asan Kichiliev - voice and tamboura, Mehmed Kichiliev, Ibraim Kafedjiev, Malin Alendarov - kaval, Milyo Kepchelev - tamboura, Mirolyub Tabakov... More

Kaba Trio Rhodopea
Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv / Stefan Mutafchiev / MP3 / 42:04
Performers Kaba Trio Rhodopea:Christina Lyutova, Verginia Ovcharova, Mariana Pavlova Improvisation and Vocal: Ivelina Balcheva Three... More

Orthodox Chants
Various Artists / MP3 / 63:34
Performers Priest Boncho Chakov, Nikolina Pankova, Priest Stanoi Andonov, Konstantin Mirinski, Dimiter Bonev, Vanilia Kissyova, Yury Lefedjiev,... More

Sonic Icons of Bulgaria - Volume 1: Prituri Se Planinata
Stefan Dragostinov / MP3 / 1:01:47

Prituri se Planinata is the first volume in a remarkable 11-CD set issued by the eminent Bulgarian composer and long-time director of the Philip Koutev Ensemble, Stefan Dragostinov, and his award-winning ensemble “Dragostin-Folk”. Conceived in two parts, “Sonic Icons of Bulgaria” and “The Key to the Mystery”, Dragostinov takes the art of folksong arrangement to astounding new levels of artistic innovation, sophistication and refinement. The composer journeys to the core of the national tradition and these recordings represent a microcosm of contrasts in the world of Bulgarian musical folklore. Vox Bulgarica is proud to offer the complete set.

Trakia Folk Ensemble
Trakia Folk Ensemble - Plovdiv / Stefan Mutafchiev / MP3 / 1:01:07
Soloists: Nevyana Savova, Gaitanka Minkovska, Gergana Pavlova, Dilyana Peneva, Ulyana Raikova, Gergana Shopova, Boika Boyadjieva, Ivanka Garkova,... More

Theodosii Spassov / MP3 / 57:33
Performers Theodosii Spassov (kaval, vocals, bagpipe), Yanka Rupkina (vocals), Boika Velkova (recitatives), Georgi Petrov (gadulka), Valentin Yankov... More
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