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Armenian Liturgy
Sofia Armenian Choir / MP3 / 61:38
Soloists Marie Krikorian, Karapet Benlian, Marie Basmadjian, Ivo Jelev, Alis Bovarian... More

Dostoyno Est
Mixed Choir / Alexander Tekeliev / PDF / 4 Pages
Tekeliev’s setting of this devotional hymn to the Virgin Mary from the Orthodox Divine Liturgy is written in a conservative style and is intended for... More

Women's Choir / Dimitar Tapkov / PDF / 3 Pages
Acapella. SSAA. Women’s Voices. Traditional Liturgical.

Hvalite Gospoda
Mixed Choir / Alexander Tekeliev / PDF / 5 Pages
Acapella. SATB. Mixed Choir. Traditional Liturgical.

Khvalite Imya Gospodne
Women's Choir / Velislav Zaimov / PDF / 8 Pages
Acapella. SAMsA. Women’s Voices. Contemporary Liturgical.

Women's Choir / Ivan Spassov / PDF / 4 Pages
Acapella. SSAA. Women’s Voices. Contemporary Liturgical.

Orthodox Chants
Various Artists / MP3 / 63:34
Performers Priest Boncho Chakov, Nikolina Pankova, Priest Stanoi Andonov, Konstantin Mirinski, Dimiter Bonev, Vanilia Kissyova, Yury Lefedjiev,... More

Otche Nash
Women's Choir / Alexander Tanev / PDF / 8 Pages
Tanev’s rendering of the Lord’s Prayer is intended for a church use with modest forces. In it the composer opts for a simple homophonic setting... More

Spasi Ni, Sine Bojii
Mixed Choir / Velislav Zaimov / PDF / 13 Pages
Currently active as a composer of all genres, Zaimov is particularly noted for his sacred music style. His setting of the antiphon text from the... More

Tebe Poem
Alexander Tanev / PDF / 5 Pages
An important member of that generation of composers after Kutev, Tanev also turned to sacred music composition. This setting for the Orthodox Divine Liturgy... More

Vo Imya Gospodne
Women's Choir / Dimitar Tapkov / PDF / 5 Pages
Acapella. SSAA. Women’s Voices. Traditional Liturgical.
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