Konstantin Iliev

Konstantin IlievSofia, 9 March, 1924 - Vidin, 6 March, 1988


Konstantin Iliev (b. Sofia, 9 March, 1924; d.Vidin, 6 March, 1988). Konstantin Iliev was Bulgaria's undisputed leader of the musical avant-garde in the years following World War II. He was active in all facets of musical life, having distinguished himself as a composer, conductor, teacher, author, and critic. After finishing his musical education at the Sofia Academy of Music in 1946, he went on to study with Alois Haba, among others, in Prague. Iliev was an innovator in every sense. As a composer he was among the first to introduce modernist musical ideas into Eastern European and the first experimenter with non-tonal devices. In his activities as a conductor he established a professional orchestra and opera company in Ruse, and introduced the music of Webern, Messiaen, Stockhausen and Boulez to the Bulgarian public.

Konstantin Iliev was the conductor of the Varna Philharmonic from 1952-56, and from 1956, the principal conductor of the Sofia Philharmonic, a post he held for nearly 30 years. From 1967 Iliev was professor of conducting at the State Academy of Music.

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