Kaba Trio Rhodopea

Kaba Trio Rhodopea

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Stefan Mutafchiev

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Kaba Trio Rhodopea:Christina Lyutova, Verginia Ovcharova, Mariana Pavlova
Improvisation and Vocal: Ivelina Balcheva

Three rich-voiced singers change our ideas about the capacities of women's voices: deep altos, rich in timbre and mastered to perfection. Each one of the three is a prominent solo performer with a rich authentic repertoire. By uniting their voices into songs it is as if they confirm the legend about the mythical Orpheus, born in the Rhodope Mountains. 

The Rhodope songs are free, calm in the pentatonic which is characteristic of this region only, with prevailing love subjects. The singers from Rhodopea Kaba Trio illustrate to the best the song folklore of their native region. The composers' intervention has only enhanced the melodic characteristics of each of the songs without altering its authentic basis.

The improvisations of Evelina Balcheva (a celebrated jazz-singer) and the trio introduce yet another curious detail in the overall traditional sounding. These are masterfully shaped out improvisations, showing some popular folk songs in a new, even exotic light.




File name Sample
01 Sobrali Sa Se, Sobrali
02 Tornal Todyu
03 Rositse, Rusa Devoyko
04 Minka E Rano Stanala
05 Brala Moma RoujaTsvete
06 Mitro,Mitro
07 Oti Mi Lyube Snoshta Ni Doyde
08 Two Songs From Zagrajden
09 Poustono Ludo IMlado
10 Karay Maycho
11 Petline Peyot Lyube
12 Mari Mome
13 Nadpevat SE Malki Mom
14 Kalina Sedi V Gradina
15 A Bre Yunache
16 Mari Rado
19 Zashtim Ne Minesh Sevdinko
20 Tornalo Mi E Smolyansko Vaklo Devoyche
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