Ergen Deda

Ergen Deda

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Mixed Choir
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This is a silly, light-hearted romp imbued with the composer’s sense of humor. The song describes the antics of a foolish old man who is feeling rather young at heart, chasing after the village’s young maidens.


Dum, dum, etc., Bachelor Granddad the red granddad hey this way, that way, with hat askew
hey this way, that way, dum, dum, taka taka, taka with hat askew hey this way, that way, up and down, this way, that way.

Up and down, up and down this way, that way So he went to the village 2x this way, that way
went to join the dance this way, that way dum, dum, etc. went to join the dance together with the maidens 2x hey red granddad dum, dum together with the maidens.

All the maidens ran away, his way, that way, the youngest remained his way, that way
the youngest one Angelina 2x this way, that way, dum, dum, etc.


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