Authentic Bulgarian Folk Songs

Authentic Bulgarian Folk Songs

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Asan Kichiliev - voice and tamboura, Mehmed Kichiliev,
Ibraim Kafedjiev, Malin Alendarov - kaval,
Milyo Kepchelev - tamboura,
Mirolyub Tabakov and Malin Alendarov - chifte kavali

It is a phenomenon in the end of the 20th century to discover and record songs whose age cannot be precisely determined. Yet one thing is certain, that part of them were published in the VEDA SLOVENA collection (Belgrade, 1874).

The performers are Bulgarian-Muslims from the village of Draginovo, Western Rhodope Mountains who have preserved the most typical characteristics of the folk-musical dialect of the region: the two-part singing, the small tonal range and simple ornamentation, the use of the tamboura as a solo or accompanying instrument and particularly the curious duet of kavals (shepherd flutes) known as “chifte kavali” (a pair of kavals), typical only of the West-Rhodope region. Although originating from one village only, the songs present a rich thematic and ritual belonging – from wedding, spring, labour, to historical pictures intriguing with its subject matter.

There is yet another merit of this CD; the recordings have been made in the home of a family from the village of Draginovo which fact further enhances the feeling of sincerity, naturalness and authenticity.


File name Sample
01 Oy Le Sino Huseino
02 Razvil Mi Sa E Zelen Mi Chadur
03 Ovcharska Melodia
04 Sluntse, Milo Sluntse
05 Kato Odish, Selim Ago
06 Razbule Se Moytu Libe
07 Tezhko Mu Bilo, Troudno Mu Bilo
08 More, Zatrudnela Griva Vayda
09 Trima Bratya Pravyat Smilena Sgrada
10 Dve Godini Goden Hodeh
11 More Doyde Prolet
12 Orach Ide Ot Orane
13 Aysheto
14 Prez More Plouvam, Aman
15 More, Stani, Yanum Sumnalo E
16 Melodia Na Sborishte
17 Ne Zhali, Dosto, Mori
18 More, Legnal Yunak
19 Indje Voyvoda
20 Stani Mi, Geline, Soutrin Rano
21 Hay, Razbolel Se Bash Bayraktar
22 Rhodopskata
23 Dali Ti E Zhalno Koukoulich Voyvoda
24 Veke Mi Se Mila Male Dodeyelo
25 Boukya Yaboukya Rodila

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