Alexander Tekeliev

Alexander TekelievSvilengrad, 1942

Tekeliev is a composer who writes in all genres: oratorio, symphonic, chamber music, choral and solo song. He completed a degree in composition in 1968 at the State Academy in Sofia in the class of Veselin Stoianov. He has been involved in many different facets of the music profession: he was a consultant in the department of popular music, editor at Bulgarian National Radio, and instructor of orchestration. At the present time he is a full-time professor of composition and orchestration at the State Academy. In 1980 he received a scholarship to study composition in Budapest, and in 1992 pursued advanced study in Paris.

He is the recipient of a number of prizes, and his music has been in heard on television and radio in Germany, Canada, Austria, Mexico, Italy, etc. Two CDs of his music have been issued in Germany and Japan. Tekeliev is also active as a pedagogue, having published instructional methods on solfeggio and harmony, as well as he regularly broadcasts lectures on orchestra on Sofia's Knowledge Radio. His name has been included at the Cambridge Biographical Institute.

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