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Vox Bulgarica has as its ambitious aim to bring to the Western world the musical treasures of Eastern Europe, specifically Bulgaria. Owing to historical circumstances, a vast cultural wealth has remained unknown, and until now, inaccessible. Back in the Middle Ages, Bulgaria, as a member of the Byzantine Commonwealth, fostered tremendous cultural activities; Bulgaria was the birthplace of Slavic Christianity, literacy and music. In our own century, Bulgaria has played an important role on the musical stage of Central and Eastern Europe.

We specialize in the publication and distribution of both the published and unpublished scores of Bulgaria's leading composers, past and present. Our diverse and ever expanding catalogue includes a broad range of music of all types: choral, instrumental, solo, chamber, as well as different genres: folk, sacred, popular, etc. Now, in addition to our printed scores, as official representatives of the Sofia-based Gega New recording company, we are pleased to offer the latest CD recordings for your listening pleasure

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