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Long ago in the distant past, Bulgaria's creative spirit carried within itself a sense of the world's greatness. It was immersed and absorbed by the universality of the creative and the cosmopolitan. Bulgaria's magnificent message to the depths of outer space about the fearsome might of the rebel Deliu, was a symbol of an old dream that was at last realized, a dream whose echoes resounded from deep within the Balkan recesses in an endless search for a dialogue with the infinite.

Today Bulgaria still has its own exceptional artists, voices, songs, as well as its own dreams, symbols and aspirations. The greatest specialists see Bulgaria's folk heritage, the antique epic tradition which they perceive as continuous movement since the birth of European culture. Thanks to the magical fire of Bulgaria's contemporary musicians, this heritage becomes a peculiar "time machine" through which just about anything is made possible: the coexistence of the archaic and the contemporary, the unification through intuition and feelings of geographically distant societies for just and instant, the breaking down of language barriers and prejudices, the sowing of peace in the fire of war, and even uniting God with everyone of us.

Bulgaria can not only rejoice in her past and cultural and musical achievements, and "Golden Age" in history, but today she can also be proud of her modern creations which place her on the contemporary world stage. This is why we would like Bulgaria's creative voice - her vocal treasures and innovations - to take place in 21st century world culture. Bulgaria's membership in the universal spiritual community and her dialogue with the world is her historical legacy that has come down to us today.

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